2 Weeks Down!

Tomorrow we begin our third week of first grade! Thought is was a good time for an evaluation of where we are, what is going well, what not so well . . . 

Most things are going really well. It is hard not to smile when I get out Writing with Ease or First Language Lessons, remind E to answer in complete sentences and a huge smile appears on her face as she says, "I LOVE this!" She is so my child! ;) 

Bible Study Guide for all Ages. Amazing! one of our favorite parts of the day. There is great built in review, and I like how there is little to no prep, and just enough hands on to keep them involved but not overwhelmed. We try to do Bible before C goes to VPK 3 days a week so he doesn't miss out. I am excited for all we will learn this year! Ron calls it seminary for children :)

All About Spelling is going pretty well. I really love it, and E is doing really well with it. My only issue with it at this point is since it asks you to divide the phonogram cards into those "mastered" and those needing "review," I am having a hard time getting E not to call them "the ones she is good at" and the ones she is not good at."  :( She is so amazing and doing so well, it is hard to see her so hard on herself.  No matter how much I explain, it is to no avail. Thankfully I think we are down to two or three in her "not so good" pile. ;) 

Math Mammoth.  Math continues to be E's least favorite subject. The only thing that draws complaints and even some tears. I outsource it to Ron as often as possible, but that is not often enough! :) So far I think our switch to Math Mammoth from Saxon has been a good one. I do hope there is enough review built in for my non "mathy" child, but we shall see! 

Abeka Phonics. This is old hat since we started it last April. We are almost half-way through first grade and certainly in a groove with it. E especially likes any kind of game utilized, and she is pretty easy to please. A simple erase the word written in a tree on the board as you read it works! Our question at this point with the curriculum is whether or not to continue formal phonics instruction after this or to simply continue with All About Spelling and possibly Explode the Code for review. We will re-evaluate when we get closer to finishing.  

Elemental Science Biology. A science curriculum that actually gets done! It has been the perfect amount, light and not hard to get done. So far the experiments are easy to do and fun. So far so good!

Story of the World. We are enjoying it thus far. Shocking, but I am actually utilizing the library. Crazy, I know! We have read several supplemental books each week, done the maps and coloring pages, the review questions and narrations. So far it seem the perfect amount for first grade. 
Here are some of our history projects:

Week One: Introduction
Our family tree (Just my side, --my parents, siblings and their kids, which by itself was a challenge!) :)
Archaeological Dig (in the garage since it had just rained!) 

Ummm, what is this stuff??? (should have known better than to ask Ron to prep the dig!)

Week 2: Cave Paintings!

First Grade seems to be going well, add in field trips to Chuckie Cheese, the pool, Sun and Fun Lagoon, and we have been very busy! I do love that my children get an opportunity to learn like this. Although there are tough moments and tears may come (and at times I find myself looking for the yellow bus) I feel privileged and amazingly blessed to homeschool. 

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