A Family Project

Summer has been full of craziness, research, chaos, more research, and swimming. I had great plans on schooling this summer, not much of which was accomplished. My main goal for summer schooling was to not have to do major catch up this fall. I think we have at least succeeded there. E has made major strides in reading this summer, and I am so proud of her. Her favorite books are Amelia Bedelia (even though she says she doesn't like to read!).
I started buying curricula last winter, so when summer came around almost everything was already here. The school room was organized a few weeks ago, and how glad I am about that since I got sick this week. :(  I have spent the last few weeks playing with my new toy, Homeschool Tracker Plus, and I love it! Most of the school year is planned, and we are ready to go.
One of the last pieces of our preparation puzzle was a new school table since we have outgrown our small one. My dad graciously agreed to build us one, and made it a project with Ron and the kids this weekend. It was super hot, but the end project was awesome!

Getting Ready to Work!

 Something we don't see very much anymore! ;)

After 40 minutes or so, Papa and the kids disappeared for some root beer, air conditioning, and Dora!

The finished project! Nice job guys!

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