First Semester Highlights . . .

Declaring it officially Christmas break today! We have had a full, wonderful, sometimes trying ;) semester. I love how homeschooling allows me to be very aware of the character flaws in our family... my children and most especially in me. No way to ignore anything when it stares you in the face 24/7. I often find I am most certainly the one that has the most to work on! God is graciously chiseling away, refining my heart and mind to His. I plan to do a few blog posts summing up the end of this year. Here are a few highlights from our semester:

Story of the World Projects
Making Cuneiform tablets

Painting Papyrus

Starburst Egyptian Pyramids

African legends: Anansi the Spider

Science Experiments

Friends, Cousins, and Sleepovers!

Disney World

Thanksgiving Trip to Alabama


 Operation Christmas Child

 Horseback Riding for the first time on their own!


Field Trips
Dakin Dairy Farm

Fresh Milk:

Fresh Ice Cream

Spanish Coop

E's First Gymnastics Meet:





We have had a wonderful semester, are looking forward to an amazing finish to December celebrating the birth of Jesus, and a fresh start in January on our homeschooling journey! Homeschooling with littles is not easy, and there are many days that I wish we could have a do-over, but I feel so blessed to see our little treasures growing into the persons God has called them to be. We are so blessed! Our days are full, our house is loud and often chaotic, but I have learned that at the end of the long days-- when tired little ones are getting ready for bed and the remnants of the day result in dirty bath water, those are the days that were enjoyed the most. I am trying to seize those days: playing outside, the park, farms, camping, painting, playdough . . . the stuff moms hate ;) . . . those are the days I want to fill our lives with. I am looking forward to the many dirty bath water days to come.

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