Recipe of the week!

I thought it would be fun to share a recipe of the week. If you have a blog and do something similar, share it in the comments. I know my family often gets stuck in a rut with the same ideas, so thought this might be fun.

My crock pot has been in overdrive lately. With homeschooling, kids activities, and just life, I have found slow cooking to be a fantastic secret weapon.

Chicken Stroganoff

Frozen Chicken breasts (we use 2 for our family)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup*
32 oz sour cream*
1 cup of chicken broth (I just use a bullion cube in water)*
1 packet of Lipton onion soup

Place the frozen chicken breasts in the slow cooker (yes, must be frozen)
Top with the rest of the ingredients
Cook on low 7-8 hours

Remove Chicken and shred (super easy!)
I make egg noodles and then mix it all together. 
*If you are not serving with noodles, you can use half the cream of mushroom, sour cream, and broth

Super yummy! 


  1. I do a Tasty Tuesday post on my blog each week.

    Thanks for your recipe!

  2. I never thought of making stroganoff in the crockpot! :)

    I do recipes on a fairly regular basis, but not necessarily every week over at my blog:


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