Our school room has finally been cleaned and repaired from the year and is eagerly awaiting the rest of the 2012-2013 curriculum packages! Cleaning it out did seriously make me question any need for more purchases . .  but I suppose that is a part of the life of a curriculum junkie! :) The before pictures of our old room can be seen here.   Our room is officially ready for 2nd grade and our second round of Kindergarten!

Our new bookshelves!

On the wall: ABC memory verses and laminated wall maps. The bins are from the Target dollar section hung on hooks from Target and hold craft supplies and other everyday necessities the kids might need while working at the table (crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors).

 The cube shelf is mostly toddler and preschool activities and Handwriting Without Tears manipulatives, math manipulatives on top! 

With our new set up, I finally had a place for our all about spelling board. I think E is going to love that she can use a stool to reach! 

Above the window we hung some rope we had sitting around, I painted some wooden clothes pins and now the kids have somewhere to hang art work. (And I have a way to limit how many "crafts" get saved!) ;) 

Finally got to hang the calendar that was in a closet for almost a year because of no room! We added a lego bookshelf which the kids will love because now they have somewhere to leave projects set up!

Homeschool Room Makeover!

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Our school room has finally been cleaned and repaired from the year and is eagerly awaiting the rest of the 2012-2013 curriculum packages! C...
So the planning for 52.4.Him has begun. One of my goals for this is to blog the experience so others with a similar desire will know where to start.

1. First, I made 2 lists of ideas (weekly and monthly). These lists will grow, but this is a start! Be sure to send me your ideas!  Be sure to include your kids in these lists. My children delighted in helping come up with ideas, then they take ownership in the project.  **Not all ideas will be appropriate for all ages. Know your kids and be sure to ask about limitations on the age of children you bring.

                                      Family Ministry Ideas:

Cards for nursing home residents
Find a local struggling church or church plant that could use some help (drama/music/face painting/games/crafts are all great ways for your kids to help)
Collecting food for the food pantry
Visit a children’s home (monthly game night/pizza/BBQ)
Collecting clothes for the clothes closet
Visiting families who have visited your church
Cards for sick relatives
Visiting shut in members of your church
Cards/contact for friends and those we have met on mission trips
Serving at the food pantry
Giving toys to those in need
Serving at the clothes closet
Bringing a meal to a family who might need it (just had a baby/sick/going through a difficult time)

Serving at a soup kitchen
Serving at a shelter
 Baking cookies to bring to a fire station/police station/nurses at the hospital/homeless shelter/ other non profit
Serving at a crisis pregnancy center

Neighbor outreach (outside movie night)

Helping at a local VBS

Serving at any local non profit (collecting resources/organizing supplies/cleaning) Ask how you can help!

Cleaning up a house or yard for someone unable to do it.

2. I made a list of local organizations to contact. 
         Florida Baptist Children's Home fortmyers.fl@FBCHomes.org
         LifelineFamily Center  lifeline4moms2B@lifelinefamily.org
         ECHO  http://www.echonet.org/
         Local church (I contacted our missions pastor and children's director to get started.)

I am just in this stage now, I sent an email along the lines of this:

My family are members of ___________church. We as a family have been challenged to be more involved in serving in our community. I was wondering if you had some ideas of how families with young children  can partner with you, how we can serve you and those you minister to.  We are open to any and all ideas and very much look forward to partnering with you in some way.

Next steps are Step 3: Planning, where we actually begin to put some ideas on the calendar! and Step 4: Preparing your children. So excited!


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