Homeschool Room Makeover!

Our school room has finally been cleaned and repaired from the year and is eagerly awaiting the rest of the 2012-2013 curriculum packages! Cleaning it out did seriously make me question any need for more purchases . .  but I suppose that is a part of the life of a curriculum junkie! :) The before pictures of our old room can be seen here.   Our room is officially ready for 2nd grade and our second round of Kindergarten!

Our new bookshelves!

On the wall: ABC memory verses and laminated wall maps. The bins are from the Target dollar section hung on hooks from Target and hold craft supplies and other everyday necessities the kids might need while working at the table (crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors).

 The cube shelf is mostly toddler and preschool activities and Handwriting Without Tears manipulatives, math manipulatives on top! 

With our new set up, I finally had a place for our all about spelling board. I think E is going to love that she can use a stool to reach! 

Above the window we hung some rope we had sitting around, I painted some wooden clothes pins and now the kids have somewhere to hang art work. (And I have a way to limit how many "crafts" get saved!) ;) 

Finally got to hang the calendar that was in a closet for almost a year because of no room! We added a lego bookshelf which the kids will love because now they have somewhere to leave projects set up!


  1. I love it! Where did the shelves come from...built or bought?

  2. I also wanted to comment on the shelves. Did he have a plan to follow or design them himself? They are awesome!

  3. Kassi, Thank you! Funny story actually. I looked everyone (online, stores) for a design I liked. I actually found what I was looking for at Cracker Barrel! ;) I took a pic of one of their display shelves and sent it to my brother, told him I wanted that with a deeper counter space and Viola! :) We absolutely LOVE it! But I admit I thought I would have more space to "grow!" Yikes, I had more books than I thought, and more are otw! :0

  4. Love the new room. I found you via Homeschool Room Ideas via Real Mom Resources. I really like the idea to hang art from the window.

  5. I'm searching for a desk or table for two girls. Where did you get your table/desk?

  6. Hi Erin! Thanks for stopping by! :) The table was actually a family project last year. My dad, husband, and kids made it! Ikea is a great place to check for tables though!


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