A Homeschool Mom's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

As I wake up today may you grant me eyes to see as you see.
May I see children that are treasures from you on loan to me.
May I handle their tender hearts with gentle care.
May I smile at their mistakes, laugh at their jokes,
Cry with their tears, and hug their fears.
May the words that I speak build them up and not tear them down.
May my touch declare Your love.
Help me to Choose joy and not criticism,
Peace not strife.
Today may I teach children and not curriculum.
Seek the completion of your will and not mine.
Seek the transforming of their minds not only the filling.
Seek heart connection and not simply knowledge retention.
May all that I teach and all that they learn be single in purpose--
To impart a love and passion for You.
May we do our best in all things not for our own pride but for Your Glory.
Tonight as I tuck them in,
May I know that as I have required their best, I have given mine.
I am so grateful for, yet humbled by the responsibility entrusted to me.
By the constant filling of your Holy Spirit,
May I be worthy of the calling you have placed upon me. 


  1. Hey Nicole
    Just writing in to say, I love your blog. And this poem is a real inspiration, brought a tear to my eye. We are HSers 3 years in with SL too; so lovely to find a like-minded but much better organised (not to mention far more creative) person . Our year begins mid Sept (in the Middle East right now). So blessings on your year and thanks for a really beautiful blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! My dh would laugh at the organized comment. I am super creative, and the only thing organized by me in our home is our homeschool! ;) He is the organized one and I look like a mess compared to him! lol Blessings on your school year, and I hope you "stop by" often!


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