Homeschool Room and Homeschool Organization

We redid our school room for this year, and I am so excited how it came out. The wall of shelves were custom built my brother. I actually thought I would have "room to grow" but after all those boxes of curriculum came in this year, I realized . . . well, we have too many books! 

The cards on the wall are ABC verses that the kids have memorized. We love the 2 laminated wall maps, and do a lot of our mapping on them with a dry erase marker. The table and chairs were a family project my husband and dad did with the kids last year. The paper roll is from Ikea but stained black.

 I love these bins.  I got the bins from the Target dollar section. The containers holding the markers and colored pencils are the plastic containers from the Lego store and Crystal Light containers. These bins contain colored pencils, markers, scissors, tape, glue sticks, and then the bottom one is crayons. These bins allow all of the craft materials to be right next to the table. The bins easily come off the hooks and can be set on the table for ease of use.

 We hung a rope, painted some clothespins and now have a space for art display. The shelves on the right are Lego bins, with plenty of space to display their creations! It is a Target bookshelf with 2 fabric laundry bins on the shelves. It keeps those crazy Legos organized, so I love it!

Tot school! These bins are filled with toddler and preschool activities. There is a Handwriting without Tears bin with all of those manipulatives, a math basket, a reading basket, a lacing basket, along with other fun things like Leap Frog Letters, Lauri puzzles, and Duplex Legos. These activities are only for during school time and keep the 2 year old entertained! 

 36 folders holding all of our hands on project instructions, notebooking materials, and coloring pages for history. The white binder holds the history plans (a combination of Sonlight and Biblioplan).

These are the kids individualized bins. They hold their workbooks for them to have easy access. E's holds 2 sets of folders. One set holds all printables that are waiting to be done, by subject. (Tests and cumulative reviews for math, etc). And then they both have a set of pocket folders for each subject for completed worksheets and pages. I use these folders to compile their end of the year Portfolios.

Of course only part of school happens in the school room. We do a lot of the all together activities at the table or even on the couch! Bible happens every morning at the kitchen table.

We have this cabinet by the kitchen table that holds the CD/IPod dock, as well as all our CD's for school, Bible and memory materials, and puzzles and coloring books to keep the toddler busy when necessary. 

Above the table are 3 dry erase bubbles. These serve as our memory review. Each week we do a Scripture memory verse, a We Choose Virtues character trait, and each month we have a Key Passage. Most of our memory work this year is from TRUTH 66. Each week as we add a new weeks verse, the last 2 weeks are still in bubbles so the new verse stays in rotation for 3 weeks before being added to the memory book for less frequent review. 

And that is where we school and an overview of how we organize it!

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  1. I love the school room; it's fabulous. Ideas I am going to borrow from you - Laminated verse bubbles! Memory verse memory book! And perhaps, depending on budget - We Choose Virtues programme. Love the baskets; we have a musical instrument basket with homemade shakers etc for our Bible Music/memory verses - to liven it up when we are not in the mood :) Thanks for the ideas. Sue

    1. You are very welcome! Glad you found something you could use! I got the dry erase bubbles at Bed bath and beyond last year on clearance. They have colored ones now and they also sell them on Amazon. It was such a great find, we love them! I will have to do a post on how we do memory work, and use our memory book. Hopefully soon! :)

  2. Your learning space is gorgeous! I love your Target bins. That is a great idea. I am going to look for some at Target. I really love those beautiful bookshelves too. Happy Homeschooling!

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for stopping by. :) I hope you find some bins to work! Buying stuff to organize is "almost" as fun as buying curriculum! ;)

  3. I'm definitely going to use the idea of the 36 folders for history. I'm constantly finding a coloring page, crossword puzzle, cut-out, or lapbooking idea that I can plug into our history and now I know how to keep track of them and get them in where they need to be. I'm also going to put in videos and web resources for each week. Thanks!

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