Meet the Students!

Joining in on this week's Not Back to School Blog Hop. It's Student's Photo Week!

First day of school photo:

You can find our first day of school post here.

Now, time to meet the students! I have been wanting to do this for awhile, and am so glad to get around to it. I often blog about the things they do and learn, but not about who they are. And they are fantastic. So, time to meet E, C, and J!

E (the Princess) is 7 and in 2nd grade. She has such a servant's heart and always so eager to please. She is an amazing daughter and fantastic big sister. She is a helper, diligent, with a big dose of perfectionist, and we are so blessed she is ours! Aside from school she spends her time playing, watching movies, playing with her American Girl doll, and doing gymnastics. All the time in the gym each week is never enough and it is rare around here for her to be right side up!

C (the Rock Star) is 5 and in kindergarten. After attending a 3 day a week pre-k last year, I am so glad to have him join us every day! He is sensitive, and loving, with an amazing smile and laugh. His eyes declare his love for life and his feet are never still. He is tender hearted and can always tell when something is wrong. He is careful and yet free. He loves Legos, dinosaurs, and can most often be found wearing a cape and often a snow hat and gloves (and yes, we do live in SW FL!).  His smile encourages me each and every day, and his hugs can make any worry disappear. He is a delight to my heart and we are so blessed by this little treasure.

J (the Diva) is 2, but if you ask her she is 4, always said with a twinkle in her eye. She is loud, proud and quick to take charge at any moment. She is fearless and fun, full of life and attitude. Her personality lights up the room. J is just fun! She refuses to ever be left behind in school or play, and is quick to let you know if you try! She is forgiving, affectionate, straightforward, bold, and sassy! She makes me smile and laugh and I am so very grateful for the gift of her life in our family!.

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  1. Love your idea of introducing the students! Might have to steal that one. :)

    1. Chelli, thanks for stopping by! And you definitely should do it, and be sure to leave a link when you do! It was so funny getting to write about them. Not what they were doing or learning. Just them!


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