Organizing Sonlight

There is much debate about what is an "open and go" curriculum. There is no such thing in our homeschool! We are using a Sonlight core for the first time this year and I created a chart with supplemental activities and the Story of the World 2 chapters coordinated for each week. If everything is not printed and ready to go, I know it has a tendency to not get done around here. So today I sat down with all those printed pages and organized! 

Target had portfolio folders for $.15 so it seemed the best way to go. I bought 36 of them and labeled them Week 1-36.

Then I filled each week with the coloring pages, crafts, and notebooking pages I had printed. I then took the first 6 weeks of the SL core C IG and placed it in a separate binder to make it more manageable. Adding our list of supplemental activities, of course! Each 6 weeks I will update the small binder. I also put the schedule in a sheet protector so I can write on it with a dry erase marker and keep the original clean. 

And now we are ready for a fantastic year with Sonlight!

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