Story of the World 2 in a "Sonlight" schedule

Here is a 36 week history plan using Story of the World 2 in a Sonlight like schedule with added church history. Over at the Well Trained Mind Forums I often hear the request for a Sonlight like schedule for Story of the World. I am using SOTW 2 this year in a Sonlight/Biblioplan mix and created a template to plug in the many components I am using. I thought I would share a blank template for history planning. I also got the crazy idea to go ahead and plan out 36 weeks of SOTW 2 (even though I have no plan to use it! I must be feeling very generous!). ;) To Biblioplan year 2, for our family I added a SL feel by adding Window on the World and Geography Songs to each week. The Geography songs and Window on the World match up when possible, but occasionally Geography Songs will only line up with either the SOTW chapter or Window on the World. You can find the notebooking pages we are using for WOW here. I also scheduled it as we do it: 3 day a week history, but with readers and read alouds every day. I did not schedule books each week, but you can easily add books to the grid from the Story of the World Activity guide if you want more. Many do have books scheduled however. I have less on this schedule than our personal one because I did not list any Biblioplan books that are not available on other lists as to not violate copyright. I also added many of the Sonlight books from this time period, but I stopped short of mapping out page numbers. The activities/projects listed are from the SOTW activity guide and you will need it to complete them.

Another request I hear often is more Biblical/church history to supplement SOTW.  To help with the I added in the Veritas Press Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation cards, as well as many chapters from Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History.

The Spines used are Story of the World volume 2, Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History, Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History, and the Veritas Press MARR cards.  You will also need the Story of the World Activity Book volume 2 for extra books if  you want, and the instructions and templates for coloring pages, maps, and projects.

You certainly will not need to use all of these resources, but I wanted to schedule them for those that do.
I hope this helps in your planning!

History Planning Template

SOTW 2 36 Week Schedule

*Disclaimer, no information from Sonlight or Biblioplan was used to compile this information. Any and all information here is available for free on the internet or I did it myself. 


  1. Hi! Do you know if your link for the SOTW 2 schedule still works? Thanks so much!

    1. HI there! It is working for me. If you are having a hard time opening, feel free to email me (top right corner of the blog) and I would be happy to send you the file. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your schedule. This will certainly come in handy for me this year.

  3. Thank you so so much for providing this! I jsut begin week 4 of SOTW and had gotten T and T to supplement it but had not had the time to figure out what/when to read it...(having 6 little kiddos right now) I also happen to have the other resources and this saves me MUCH work! SO grateful!!!!!

  4. Do you have this same thing done for SOTW #3?!? We are doing that this Year :-) Kari (gkbolivia)

  5. Thank you so much! This is so helpful and well put together and I'm so grateful to you for sharing it with my littles and I! <3


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