Top 10 Homeschooling Goals 2012-2013

Perhaps this post should be titled "Top 10 goals for this homeschooling mom" since this years goals are all about me! These might seem a little unconventional, but by nature we are a very academic homeschool. We value wisdom and knowledge and are often too task oriented. I often say (only sort of jokingly!) that the goal of our homeschool is to prove you can have academic excellence without compromising deep character. This in mind, my goals for homschooling this year are rather "nonacademic," and an attempt to make our homeschool more relationship oriented than task oriented. We still pursue academic excellence, but this is our attempt to excel in a different area of our homeschool. 

10. Build more tents and forts

9. Play more games

8. More read alouds and cuddle time

7. Spend less time on the computer

6.Spend less time on curriculum research, and more time using what I have

5. More laughter and joy in the little things

4. Exhibit more patience, don't expect results immediately

3. Less focus on "finishing" tasks and more focus on enjoying the learning process

2. Speak more encouragement and less criticism

1. Enjoy every moment of this precious time


  1. Good reminder for me too! I've been feeling convicted to play more with my girls!

    1. Erin, thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. I know I will be working towards these goals for a long time to come, but every day that I improve as a mom, my kids win! :)


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