TRUTH 66: Bible Memory Games

Playing games is such a great way to memorize! It gets kids moving and engaged, and solidifies those words deep in our hearts. And of course it is simply fun! Here are just a few ideas for some Bible memory review games you can use with TRUTH 66. 

Mad Dash: Write each word of the verse on an index card (or post it note) and have your children put them in order. It is always fun to make more than one set and have your children race each other (or you!).
Disappearing Ink: Write the verse on a white board or chalk board. Make each word disappear one at a time, saying the verse each time. They will know it by the time you are done!

Puzzles: Print a “puzzle” on card stock and write the verse out on it. Cut out the pieces. Have your child put the verse in order by putting together the puzzle. Here is a sample template.

Popcorn: have your children sit in a circle (or just in front of you!). Go back and forth saying one word of the verse.

Hot potato: pass a ball or toy either between children or from you to them and each say a word of the passage when you have the object. 

Thumball: Buy a cheap beach ball and as you memorize the passages, write the address on the ball with a Sharpie, on your review week toss the ball to each other and have the receiver of the ball say the verse closest to his thumb.

Crazy Voices:  Write a bunch of character voices on slips of paper or on index cards, put them in a bag or bucket and have your child choose one. He then needs to say the verse in that voice.  (examples: British accent, frog croak, mouse squeak, cheerleader yell, Southern accent, football player voice, underwater, Spanish, French, etc.)

Echo Mountain: Write a variety of vocal tones on an index card or slip of paper: Take turns choosing one out of a bag or box (examples: whispering, shouting, squeaking, talking in a macho voice, singing, holding your nose, barking, etc.) Have someone be the leader and say a phrase of the verse, the others repeat in the tone they have picked. 

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