Window on the World Notebooking

We started Window on the World last week, which is a book that takes you through many different countries, teaching you about the geography, people groups, and how to pray specifically for them. It was an amazing addition to our history and geography studies. As we sat around discussing Judaism and praying for Israel, tears came to my eyes. This is what I love about homeschooling. I love the connection to the nations we get to make for our children. I love that discussing geography turns into heartfelt prayer for people groups to come to know Christ. Homeschooling can be tough and tiring and thankless, but then there are these moments-- when you know it is all worth it!

We have already had a few curriculum switches this year (more to come about that in another post!) ;) But while history plans are switching, we will continue with Window on the World. Our plan is to coordinate Window on the World with our Biblioplan studies, studying and praying for one country each week. My kids are very hands on and enjoy anything they can color or craft, and I am a fan of narrations so I created this notebooking page (regular lines) (Handwriting without Tears lines). I plan to cut the page in half and make a prayer book with them for the kids to flip through and pray for the people groups even as the year continues and we "move on." I also purchased these flag stickers from Rainbow Resources.


  1. thanks for the information. Planning for next fall and came across BP. Your post is really helpful.

  2. Is there anyway to see what your notebooking page looked like? The file is no longer there! Thanks


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