ABC Scripture Memory Verses

We memorized these ABC Scripture verses for E's Kindergarten year. I love to have a plan for memorizing Scripture each year so I am not scrambling on Monday morning wondering what to memorize that week. I looked everywhere for ABC verses that I liked and fell short. I didn't want to pay for a list and the ones I found online were not quite what I was looking for, so I ended up doing my own. Following the ABC pattern for memorizing Scripture was such a natural way of learning verses, and it really helps kids to keep things logical in their minds. We used a lot of hand motions and songs and had a blast!


  1. Nicole, you are a wealth of knowledge! I am blown away by you. When we start approaching Kindergarten, I fear I will be knocking often on your homeschooling door. ;)

    1. You are so sweet! Not a wealth of knowledge, just carefully trudging the path and desiring to share the bumps, bruises, and successes along the way to make someone else's homeschool and parenting journey just a little easier!
      And the homeschool door is always open! :) I cannot even believe how big those littles are getting! J insists on not missing out! :)

  2. Just pinned it on TBA's homeschool pinboard. I was so excited to share your awesome resource with others!


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