Basic Spanish Immersion in Your Home

I wanted a program for my kids that would introduce Spanish in a natural way, allowing them to acquire language, not just learn words here or there. I wanted something to help parents engage their children in the language and have a blast learning. Children learn through games and play, and while there are so many tools out there to learn "Spanish," I really just wanted something simple.

Last year I planned a homeschool co-op for families where they learned vocabulary in their homes over the course of several weeks by introducing the topic and then using the Spanish words in place of the English words in their homes. So "Let's go to the cocina" or "Go find your zapatos." Gently, and naturally introducing the language into your everyday lives. On the weeks we met for co-op we would meet together for about 10 minutes, go over the dialogues you learned that week, check on any pronunciation questions, and then break up into 3 groups. Over the next hour or so we would play games attempting to have as much of a "Spanish immersion" experience as possible. The games were simple and aimed to be played completely in the target language. Simple games like Go Fish, Uno, Memory, and Pictionary are perfect for practicing Spanish Vocabulary. This experience does not only have to happen in a co-op, while we plan to continue the co-op this year, I have attempted to do this Spanish immersion experience with my kids every day for at least a few minutes, while adding new vocabulary each week into our everyday speech.

In the first unit, whenever you say any of the vocabulary words of colors, numbers, or the body, try to say them in Spanish. The second unit adds Days of the Week, The House, and Expressions. Continue using the vocabulary from the first unit in everyday speech but now add in the second unit. It is a challenge to remember, but makes the learning fun! This is learning in a natural way, playing games. You can enhance your experience by increasing conversation in Spanish as much as you are able, watching videos such as SALSA Spanish and other children's Spanish programming, getting books from the library in Spanish (books that are familiar to your children or bilingual are particularly effective). Most of all, just have fun!

After years of promising myself that we would do more Spanish, and immerse my children in the language more regularly, this is my attempt to take it slowly. Anyone can do this, though a basic knowledge of the language would make it more enjoyable, and if you have at least a conversational level of Spanish, this should be a blast!

I put together a few resources to help you get started in your home. These are our Basic Spanish Immersion plans for this year. 12 units, each to take about 3 weeks making for a 36 week outline. You could speed it up or slow it down as you wish. The overview includes lesson plans, and links. It is not complete yet, but the first 4 units are and I will be adding links for the games as we go. I also have provided a template for BINGO cards and flashcards/games if you want to make some of your own.

Feel free to offer suggestions to make it better, I am always interested in making this experience as rich as possible.

Spanish Immersion 12 week overview (the overview has links to all of the games and printables).

Here are some screenshots of the overview.

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  1. We connected over on the WTM forums. I'm finally getting a chance to look at this, and it is just great. Thanks so much for posting this! In the interim we've been watching Salsa (spending a few weeks on each episode before unveiling the next) and trying to incorporate the vocab as well as other activities based on it when I have the energy. This will be such a great addition, thank you!


    1. I am so glad you are finding it helpful! This really is a super fun way to learn foreign language. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  3. I found you through WTM also! You have some really great ideas here. I enjoyed looking through your curriculum. I also home school and run a Spanish co-op. Fun!

    Teaching Español

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