Elemental Science Week 4: Earthquakes

This week we did an earthquake simulation.(ie. We shook a pan of pan of sand with play houses). Elemental Science is a highlight of my kids week. I should say that I truly hate experiments (the gathering of supplies, the mess), but even I couldn't help but enjoy the simplicity of this one.

Aluminum pan, sand, play houses, and play people

Now these are supplies I can work with!  The kids were thrilled to see their Lego and Sweet Street houses playing a leading role in the science experiment. 

The instructions were simple. Take a picture of the set up. 

Shake the pan mildly. Photo and record observations.

Shake the pan moderately. Photo and record observations.

Shake the pan severely. Photo and record observations. 

PSA: if you really get into the experiment expect to have to sweep and mop the floor. :) 

The kids read about earthquakes and other storms this week from the Usborne Encyclopedia of Our World and notebooked. I love how easy Elemental Science makes having fun with science. 

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