Sinbad Spoon Puppets and Ramadan Lanterns

We jumped right in on Monday finishing up our projects for week 5 of Biblioplan: Sinbad spoon puppets and Ramadan Lanterns. The lanterns were a huge hit. E said they were her favorite project ever! I also heard  again "I love history this year!" Oh music to my ears after all the tears and frustration of history last year!
Anything that involved paint is usually appreciated. I learned early this year that J was not to be left out in ANYTHING, and that includes history projects! I purchased 3 cardboard wine boxes from Hobby Lobby, cut out a "window" and the kids painted them. On the inside we cut strips of red, orange, and yellow construction paper and stapled them in as the "flame."

E and C each made a set of Sinbad spoon puppets (template from Story of the World 2 Activity Guide). I love how they each did it their own way. Looking forward to them reenacting the story this Friday for review!

One major goal this year was to develop a love of history in my history hating dd, another successful week to that goal!

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