Week 6 in Review 2012

It is always an amazing feeling to have actually completed everything on your planner! It is not a feeling I plan to get used to but I will enjoy it for now! We are on week 6 of math and language arts and week 4 of science and history. (I really need to do something about that!)

 This week:

 E: I am constantly amazed at the mental math E can do thanks to Math Mammoth. I am so very pleased with the progress she is making. Doing 1-1.5 pages a day seems to be keeping it manageable (ie. without tears!). My math fail this week would be that I didn't break out any Right Start games for her as it is a favorite and I try to get to it at least once a week.

 All About Spelling is another curriculum I am really happy with. Parent intensive, yes, but very worth it. E read Cora Frear for her independent reading time and really enjoyed it.

 C: There is just something about hearing your child giggle through school work, and this is exactly what we get during C's time with All About Reading. Yes it took 3 tries at phonics programs this year, but I am happy to report we are thrilled! We are doing AAR pre-level and currently doing 3 lessons a day, but the phonological awareness activities are wonderful!

We are using Super Star Speech for C's articulation issues. I have definitely noticed a big part of his issue is tongue control. We broke out the peanut butter chips this week to help him control his tongue. I think he enjoyed that exercise!

 Right Start Math is going extremely well also. I love that his issues with handwriting do not affect his math or reading. Major benefit of having these subjects independent! This week in Right Start C learned about parts and whole and laid the foundation for beginning adding and subtracting. He did great!

 Handwriting is still a little challenge. It is pretty slow going. Handwriting without Tears is a wonderful gentle program, but C is still struggling with some of the bad habits he picked up in in K4 in school. We continue plugging along, but it is definitely slow and steady wins the race!

oh J, what can we say! She demands math every day and insists on playing with every toy in every bin every day. I am thinking about planning a J day when we get back from our trip next week to give this poor child some of the attention that she needs. I really do need to focus more on her. She is so independent sometimes  I get to the end of a week before I realize how neglected I think she was this week.

 This weeks highlights!

 Projects and experiments of course! So excited to say E now says she love science AND history! This is no small feat, as E hated history last year. I am so very thrilled. I am enjoying Biblioplan as well. (Well, it truly is Biblioplan with a Sonlight flavor). We had two projects this week as we never got around to it last week. We made Monk's cross necklaces from clay, and the Empress Theodora's crown (though we told Caden he was making Emporer Justinian's!)

 In science (Elemental Science) we did an earthquake simulation. What fun!

We ended the week at the Imaginarium (local children's museum) on Friday afternoon, playing on the exhibits, petting stingrays, and feeding the fish and turtles. I of course was too exhausted from a busy week to remember to take pictures!


  1. We're using Elemental Science as well this year. We are having a difficult time getting started but I think we'll love it. :)

    We love MM as well.

    Happy week!!

    1. Christie, thanks for stopping by! This is our second year with Elemental Science and it remains a highlight of my kids week. And I love it because it actually gets done! ;) The projects this year for earth and space have been really fun so far. We switched to MM after a rocky K year with Saxon and could not be happier! Thanks for sharing your experiences! :)


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