Blessing Bag Party!

Finally getting around to a 52.4.Him update! This was our September family ministry project.

I originally saw the idea for Blessing Bags on a blog here and listed it in ideas for family ministry as a part of our 52.4.Him focus this year. We decided to take the Blessing Bag idea and have a Blessing Bag party.

Each year our homeschool group gets together and usually everyone brings a school supply and every child gets to go around and collect a bag of new school supplies for the year. Instead of doing it the same this year, (I know we don't need anymore notebooks or pencils!), we asked everyone to bring an item from the Blessing Bag list and the kids went around and each made two blessing bags for their family to give out. We used Sign up genius, listed items in about $10-$12 groupings and people signed up to bring them. (For example: 10 deoderants, 30 toothbrushes (3 individually wrapped to a pack), 30 combs (3 to a pack). We priced items at the dollar store and then grouped accordingly. We planned for enough items for each family to bring home 2 blessing bags to distribute.

It was a great experience, and knowing that this would bring about another great opportunity (handing out the blessing bag and getting to minister) was awesome! The kids had fun, and we got an opportunity to teach them about service.

Blessing bag parties can be done anytime, great for church get togethers, homeschool get togethers, or youth activities. It provides an opportunity to make any get together into a ministry focus.What a great way to put the focus on someone else and have a great time in the process.

 Each family filled their bags and then were given some suggestions of things to add such as a Bible or New Testament, and gift cards to McDonalds or Chik Fil A. We are looking forward to handing ours out!

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