Fun with Vikings!

  We studied the Vikings this week in history, and the kids had a blast!

We colored a Viking ship (from the Biblioplan coloring pages) while listening to Story of the World audio CD's.

Read Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky.

Made Viking paper dolls.

Colored Viking masks (farm girl, man).

And made a Viking ship! I got the idea from this blog and we just used what we had lying around in the garage to make ours. A completely free project!

A cardboard box and a few cardboard sheets for the boat

Dowel rods for the oars, Paper plates in tin foil for the shields, and paper on a mop handle for the sail.

I have no artistic ability (as in I can't draw or cut a straight line) but even I was impressed with my dragon head. :)

So much fun! These Viking adventurers were off as Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky to discover Greenland and Vinland!

We also started reading Sticks Across the Chimney this week to tie into our Viking studies. E read Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings last week and is reading Viking Adventure this week. Some great Viking fun!


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