Week 9 in Review 2012: New York!

On the road again! We had the opportunity to drive to New York this week to see my sister and her family. My other sister, her son, and my parents all went as well and it was quite the adventure! Crazy traffic made it a much too long trip, but ring pops and caramel apples made the car ride just a little better.

We actually got quite a bit of "school" done, while their cousins were in school, but we left spelling and science at home. We completed all of our language arts and math, a full week of Biblioplan history, and made good progress in TRUTH 66 Bible Drill. We took Monday mostly off for travel, played hard with cousins all week, and we took "off" (along with their public school cousins) on Friday to go to Harbes Farm.
We had a blast! We went through a corn maze that had a Wizard of Oz theme and you had to find Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Wizards balloon in order before you find the exit.

Got stuck in a huge spider web...
Played in miniature houses...

Had an adventure in the Secret Garden...

Drove peddle cars
Roped cows of hay...

Saw ducks, goats, cows, ponies, bees making honey, rabbits and more!
We had such a great week. We drove past the Statue of Liberty on the way, and stayed at a lake house with awesome space to roam. A man hunt and hide and seek dream! We were all exhausted as we drove the 21 hours home!
We have had a bunch of trips lately and will be glad for some home time! But we are so very grateful for the flexibility of homeschooling so that our school days are filled with weeks like these!


  1. Sounds like an awesome week. And I must say you are a brave brave mama who must not mind a sticky car! I do love homeschooling for its flexibility to allow me to make memories with my kids.

    1. We did have a great week, but I am so ready for "normal!" Whatever that is! ;) and I would have never dreamed of giving those things to my kids in the car...they don't call my sister "Auntie Fun" for nothing! Lol. One of my goals for this year is "enjoying" my kids. Weeks like these certainly help to that end!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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