Busyness: Week 13

There are some weeks that when you finally sit down and reflect you think, goodness! I need a break! This was one of those weeks!

Sunday: We went out to visit my mom who is RV camping on the beach. Beautiful weather and a great family day!

Monday: We are on week 4 of our 8 week Lego engineering class. A highlight of their week!

Tuesday and Wednesday: Tuesday morning we had family pictures and then we headed back out to the beach to spend some time with Grandma. Camping in an RV is my kind of camping! A few days of fall weather was very welcomed and we took advantage of the weather by schooling and playing outside.

P.E. homeschool style! (with their cousins!)

We completed all of our school week, but didn't feel like we dug very deep especially in history and science. E is hung up on Step 12 of All About Spelling and I am learning patience there. C continues to be progressing in reading and we started All About Reading Level 1 this week. He is loving it. Handwriting continues to be a struggle for him, but he is making slow and steady progress. 

One area we slacked in this week was math for E. we are having to go back and finish a chapter I skipped because it was so "involved." It is a chapter on measurements and involves scales, buckets of water, quart and liter jugs, as well as the metric system. I admit, I myself am currently unable to compare lbs to kilograms and hauling buckets of water in to weigh seems...messy. So, we skipped math a lot this week. Sigh. Next week we will have fix that. I am NOT looking forward to it. We did do some, weighing books and other household items. I was amazed at how much this little gymnast could carry! I have never doubted that she is strong, but even I was shocked! She thought it was great fun until I made her hold the pose while I took a picture! :)

Thursday: school day with an extra. My nephew schooled with us and one more second grader added to the chaos = More chaos! :) 

Friday: J had music class. E and C had breakfast out with daddy. Then we all headed to an art class without local homeschool group. We made pumpkins and scarecrows out of polymer clay. Very fun!


Spent the afternoon at the park for a playdate and before you know it, it's time to take E to the gym for Friday practice. This week was super busy!

I love making memories and the kids having wonderful experiences, but I think we need a break! I think next week we will try to scale back and find that routine we once had and loved!

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