Thanksgiving Week 2012

I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great week spending time as a family, resting, cooking, baking, and a lot of playing! We did very little school, only doing math and reading on Monday and Tuesday. We needed the break!

We cooked and baked a ton! The girls were much more willing helpers. C was much more interested in the Wii.

I am not sure what made me so adventurous in the kitchen this holiday season, turkey cupcakes last week and this week we made turkey chocolate dipped Oreo lollipops. I think after these I am ready to go back to store bought treats! ;)

R helped C ride a 2 wheeler for the first time!

Did a good bit of Black Friday shopping that may have involved preteens and cheerleading stunts at Toys R us to get hidden items on the top shelf!

Bought and decorated a new Christmas tree. We finally upgraded from our seminary apartment tree we have had forever! 

It was so great to be a regular family without school for a few days. I enjoyed my kids, and am so grateful for the blessing they are!

Now we are ready to gear up for Christmas with our Christmas bucket list! Love being intentional about spending time enjoying these precious treasures!


  1. Your treats turned out really good. Mine would have looked horrendous! The tree is beautiful!


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