Update on TRUTH 66

We have been faithfully (ok, most of the time!) plugging away at memorizing our TRUTH 66 Bible drill verses this semester.

The kids are doing amazingly well, and we are working on our second set of verses which are do tomorrow at our 2nd pit stop with our homeschool group.

I did get a bit behind and realized we had not memorized last weeks verse very well and actually had a new verse this week. I usually try to have the week of a pit stop just review.

They have worked hard this week and know their verses. However, we are still struggling with matching the verses to the reference. We came up with a few ways to work on it.

I used a large piece of construction paper with the references written on it and drew pictures to help with visual memory. The idea is to associate pictures to the words or in this case references so that they can picture the reference and see the pictures that will help them see which verse it goes with.

Here are a few of them . . .

Psalm 54:2: God cloud and an ear for "hear:"
"God hear my prayer . . . "

Proverbs 8:33: An ear for "Listen" and a Bible for "instruction:"
"Listen to instruction and be wise . . . "

Micah 6:8: See all  the "men for mankind?" :) 
"Mankind, He has told you . . . "

Matthew 5:44: "But I" written on top; "TELL" written within the 44 all in a heart for "love"
"But I tell you, love . . . "

Here are the Key Passages:

Psalm 51: praying hands inside 2 4's 
"A Prayer for forgiveness"
Matthew 3:13-17: waves with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a dove
"The Baptism of Jesus"
Matthew 6:5-15: praying hands
"The Model Prayer"

Next, I just made up game cards  we can play to help the kids match the "buzz words" from the verse with the reference. Hopefully these will help!

C started basketball this week and is rather obsessed. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and let him practice his dribbling and passing while practicing the books of the Bible. It was a big hit with all of the kids!

Here is a video of them practicing Genesis to Obadiah.

Having a set plan for memorizing Scripture this year has been great, knowing it is all planned out. We are also very much enjoying doing it alongside other homeschoolers. I am simply amazed at how much the two year old has learned right along with them. Love getting the Word deep in all of their hearts!


  1. That looks so fun!
    I started a brand new blog linky today called Share It Saturday and would love to have you stop by and share some of your ideas! Thanks so much!

  2. My kids and I appreciate your time creating this awesome program Nicole. It was so rewarding watching them all practice together yesterday.

    1. They all worked so hard, it was so wonderful to see all their diligence. Thank you so much for all the effort you and your boys are putting into it. And thank you so much for your constant encouragement. You are such blessing to me! Thank you!


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