Week 15: What Happened?

Ever get to the end of the week and wonder what happened? I feel as though last week was a blur, and then it was over. I have feelings of chaos and tiredness tied to it so we must have done something.

My calendar says we had Lego class, gymnastics, piano, Operation Christmas Child shoebox chapel, made turkey cupcakes, had a homeschool Thanksgiving party, went to music class, and my niece flew in to visit.

Lego Class!

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Chapel

Turkey Cupcakes! (see my post with instructions here)

Homeschool Thanksgiving party at the park!

Music Class!

Scholaric says E did a weeks worth of math, language arts, Biblioplan. No science again. :(

It says C did Right Start math, handwriting, several lessons of All About Reading, and Biblioplan.

We started the read aloud Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, and Tales of Robin Hood

But...it all seems like a blur. Perhaps because on top of a regular week we had Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to buy items and pack, extra activities, holiday preparations, a Thanksgiving party, and turkey cupcakes to bake.

My calendar and planner assure me this week did happen. We did all those things, but perhaps I am too sleep deprived from it all to have more than a passing memory! :) Glad there are a few pictures to assure me it did happen!


  1. It did happen! I am a witness to several of those events. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to a very busy mom who is amazing!

    1. LOL thanks! Sometimes you just need a witness! ;) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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