A Dose of Reality in a Pinterest World

We live in a world of make believe. No not fairies and unicorns, but the false realities of blogs and Pinterest. In the last few weeks I have read several blogs and articles on the "dangers" of Pinterest, and how people are in essence breaking free of the Pinterest trap where they feel guilty over buying store bought cookies.

Part of me says good for you, and part of me wants to laugh uncontrollably. Blogs and Pinterest are not always reality, or at least a full picture of reality. Wait, am I saying that I and other bloggers are lying and not representing reality? No, however, no one can share the whole story, even if they try.

Yes, we may have done some very cool projects or organizing that might help someone else, but did anyone ask what DIDN'T get done that day? My dear husband can attest to the many loads of laundry he folds because I would often be content to just pick clothes right out of the basket. Or the other numerous household chores he does so that I am free to do "other" things like invest in our children's education, blog, or just collapse in exhaustion at the end of the day.

This is reality:

Of course my school room is nice and organized. I cleaned it to take the picture! ;) How about the months of November and December where we schooled at the kitchen table because my school room was such a mess we couldn't find the table to school on... (I did finally clean it btw!) ;)

Pinterest and blogs are just part of the picture. Notice most blogs focus on one thing: homeschooling, cooking, organic or clean eating, fashion, etc. No one has it all together. We are all humans with a plethora of faults and failures, and we all get it right sometimes. Pinterest and blogs are the snapshots of those we did it moments. (Although, I do try to share our fair share of we missed it moments because I think those often inspire just as much!) 

It saddens me when I hear people saying that a blog, particularly mine, has made them feel guilty as a parent or a homeschool mom. That isn't the point. The idea behind Pinterest and blogs is to inspire and show what things look like for them. For every positive thing that get posted or pinned, 400 negative ones happened in our home. My kids watch too much tv, eat too much fast food, and I spend way to much time on the computer... but hey, we do projects and read books! ;)

I am going to be honest, I think Pinterest has made me a better mom. Those ideas I always wanted to do, but had no idea how? I  now have easy access and quick instructions. We all have gifts, and Pinterest and blogs allow us to share them. I don't feel a guilt in the world if that mom came up with the idea and I just did it with my kids. I did it and that is all that matters. And all the ideas I don't get to? Who cares? If I pin 20 recipes and only use three, did my family and I not benefit?

Allow the ideas you see online to inspire you to do more, to enjoy your children and your spouse, but not to place a burden upon you. God has a purpose for each of our lives individually and my call and yours are not going to be the same. We all have different personalities and things that invigorate or exhaust us. We are all different and we all have different gifts.

Don't get overwhelmed or weary at seeing what you think is "good." Remember it may not be "best" or even "good" for your family. Remember, the person who cooked that gourmet meal, cleaned and organized that room, had to sacrifice other things to do it.  And the day that huge project got done? They ate pizza.

Be encouraged. You are the person God has chosen to be married to your spouse, raise your children, manage your home, and for many, homeschool your children. God has you in these roles for a purpose, and you are the best one for the job.

The next time you are tempted to be discouraged or feel inferior due to something you see on Pinterest, remember that behind the pretty picture is the mess of their own reality . . . just slightly outside the border of the image.


  1. Or, as I've seen it said: Stop comparing your own "behind the scenes" (real life) with everyone else's "best of" (what you see online).

  2. Well said Nicole. It is all so true!


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