Gymnastics Bedroom

When I was searching the internet for ideas for my girls gymnastic themed room, there was not a whole lot to be found.  I thought I would share the final project: E & J's gymnastics bedroom! (This was one of E's Christmas presents). We didn't "redo" her room as in paint and bedding, but we did get new dressers and "dress up" the room a little.

The panoramic view: 
(The room looks bigger than it really is here...)

My talented husband built a swinging trapeze bar from a dowel and the rope from an old swing we had hanging around. I picked up a trampoline at a yard sale and painted on it "I <3 gymnastics!" and "Ready to Fly" (the phrase from the McKenna American Girl movie). I bought the girl on the beam decal here, and the peace sign decals here. The beam we had from a Craigslist purchase, we just moved it into her room. 

Christmas morning! 

Gymnast decal from Amazon and new dressers from American Signature Furniture. 

Gymnast decals from here and picked up those two hot pink chairs from a garage sale, 
still in the plastic. Score! 

The kids love it! I moved most of the toy bins to their closet which has cut down on the cluttered look (and my stress level!)  E has spent an enormous amount of time on that bar! I wanted to get her a Jr Kip Bar but they were so very expensive. I was relieved when E told me her bar was way more fun! :) 


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