Mid-March Update

Well, I get an epic fail on blog updating lately!

After a chaotic January and February, March is turning into a very productive enjoyable month of homeschooling! (We so needed it!)

I am working hard at getting out of the 36 week curriculum box (post to come on that!) and we are progressing at a steady rate, yet taking time to enjoy the schooling process.

March highlight reel!

Weather has been beautiful, and we have been taking advantage with some park schooling! 
(great solution for mom's with preschoolers!)

Was gifted free tickets to Disney on Ice! So much fun! 

We studied about the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs, Spain, and Columbus in Biblioplan. They were super interested in the part the where the Aztecs discovered how to make Hot Chocolate!

A field trip to a local nature center/planetarium

We took advantage of a free online class with Supercharged Science. 
The kids loved learning about aerodynamics and airplanes
J decided she was ready for "formal" preschool. 
What's a mom to do when a 3 yo produces tears if she can't do school?!?
J started All About Reading Pre Level and love it! Especially Ziggy the Zebra. 

We have a few more weeks left of our Lego Engineering Class. 
It has been a highlight of the year for E and C.

I love it when timing works out perfectly! We were invited to a field trip to see replicas of the Nina and Pinta  which just happens to be the exact place we are in history right now! Love it! The kids really enjoyed it, and made history come alive. 

 Easter party and egg hunt with our homeschool group

What's new in the school room?

C completed All About Reading 1 and has started level two! He is doing so well!

E finished All About Spelling 3 and has started level 4. 
C completed Handwriting without Tears K and is doing copy work for the rest of the year. 

Current Read Aloud:

And next week...Spring Break! We are not taking an official spring break because of the chaos in the beginning of our semester, but we do plan to take a few days off and only do a little on the other days. We do need a break, and are so ready for some spring play! Park, pool, movies, and games! So ready! Spring is in the air! 


  1. Fun read. Sounds like you have a good homeschool group. What fun field trips! Great job!

    1. Thanks! We have a great homeschool group! :)


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