Week in Review: Spring Break Edition

I had lofty goals of catching up in some areas this week. That bubble burst on Monday. :)  Monday and Tuesday we had friends from out of town visiting and it led to three fun days with them. E got to visit the Thomas Edison home and we all went to the children's museum. Add in some sleepovers at Grandma's and Lego class and it was a great time!

We did eventually get to some science and history...not nearly what I had intended, but we enjoyed it anyway. We had one of those thrill your soul homeschooling moments when we were reading about Martin Luther and the Reformation. I asked the kids what they thought lasts weeks lesson had to do with this week, and why what happened then would have affected the Reformation. E's face lit up as she exclaimed "oh, I know! Because with Gutenberg's printing press, more people could have a Bible and see what it says for themselves!" I could have lept out of my chair in excitement. I love to see passion and excitement for what we are learning, and I love love love to see them make connections!

In science we continued our study of the planets, focussing on the moon and Mars this week, C continues to amaze me as his narrations develop and his comprehension is incredible. We are looking forward to starting a solar system project next week.

We finally finished The Secret of the Andes and started Fine Print, about Gutenberg.

E finished Little House on the Prairie and is finishing up a few books she has started but never finished.

Museums, play dates, sleepovers, good books...so much fun! Other than the kids being bummed about the weather and not being able to swim, (and not doing nearly what I had planned!) it was a super enjoyable spring break!

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