7 Day Spring Challenge

We attended a parenting conference at our church this Sunday, and I have been encouraged and refreshed to make some changes in how I have been parenting.

One statement I cannot get out of my head is:

"Sure, your kids know you love them, 
but do they know you like them?" 

I am so guilty of this! How often do I push my kids away for something "else"?  Something that tells them that what I am doing is more important than them? Facebook? Blogging? iPhone? So not ok!

For the last few months I have really been working on not yelling. It is SOOOO hard! I am improving but not anywhere near where I want to be. I decided to have a focused week on that goal-- A 7 days No Yelling Challenge. Honestly, I have little hope to complete it, but as long as I persist even after I fail, I can't imagine being disappointed with the results!

To help with my goal, I am focusing on a few areas that will help to that end.

1. Slow down. I rush way too much and end up late and frustrated. We as a family need to slow down, give the kids room and time to obey.

2. Limit time online. My biggest distract-er! I need to limit online time especially during school. So hard not to do a quick check of email, Facebook, or blogs when the iPad is already there! But focusing on my kids will allow me to be less frustrated and more in tune to their needs.

3. Invest time other than school. I admit, I am not good at this. I will read, set up projects, and make their environment fun, but by the time the school day is done, I am done! Regular house chores take up the rest of my energy. I am going to work on this. More time just for them to enhance our relationship and let the kids know I truly do LIKE them not just LOVE them!

4. Look ahead. I need to not be surprised by the calendar. Then I am just rushed and we are back to number 1! I need to check the calendar nightly so there are no morning surprises.

I am looking forward to this challenge, and pretty nervous. It is so difficult to challenge yourself out of a behavior that is SUCH a part of you. But it is a habit that needs to go, and I am ready to tackle it head on! I know yelling at them is not affirming them in my love and like of them.

Anything you want to take on and battle in a spring challenge? I would love to hear about it!

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