April in Review

Where in the world has April gone!?! May cannot possibly be here already!?! The end of April signifies the end of year reality check. If vacation starts in two weeks, what can we REASONABLY and RESPONSIBLY complete by then? ;)

We have had a pretty great month... A few highlights!

A fun field trip to the recycling plant! We learned a ton! 

A super fun history unit on the Renaissance!
Lots of giggles over these Mona Lisa's! 

Michelangelo's at work!

Their renditions of God and Adam from the Sistine Chapel:

The Rock Star turned 6! Happy Birthday!!!!

I completed my 7 day No Yelling Challenge
Actually I made it 10 days!!!

 We are plugging away at school work, making great progress! We are less than 2 weeks away from the official "end" of our school year.

As for math and language arts, both E and C completed their regularly scheduled programs and have just been moving ahead with the next level. When time for our family vacation comes, we will put it aside for a few weeks and then pick up a few selected things for our summer schedule.

History! We have been having so much fun! I love the flexibility we have when the kids get interested! We have "continued" on in our history studies, but delved more deeply into the Renaissance. The kids learned so much about Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. They enjoyed reading, discussing, and even making a few attempts at their art themselves. Giggles were plentiful at their joyous yet interesting attempts! We are currently in the Elizabethan period and it is proving to be interesting and engaging as well. I mean who doesn't appreciate "divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived!"

Science....REALITY: We will need to finish this over the summer! Not a big deal. The kids love it and it is something I don't want to rush through just to "check it off." We will work for a few weeks after our time away. It has been a great year studying Earth, Space, and Astronomy!

The kids have also been working really diligently getting ready for their TRUTH 66 Bible drill coming up this weekend. I have been so blessed to see them and their friends work hard at memorizing tons of God's Word. Such fun and a great reward for a homeschool mom to see!

April is over....summer is so close I can taste it! Well, who am I kidding? Summer is here...tomorrow we are headed to the pool!

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