Spring Challenge Success!

8 days...I have gone 8 days without yelling at my kids! While for some, this is an everyday occurrence...for me this is a huge success! I still think I am in shock! I set out for 7 days hoping to at least make it one. Goal accomplished and still going strong!

A couple people have asked for me to share some of the things that helped me make it through...

1) Slow down. This is key! When I find myself rushing, I find myself stressed and this yelling. Slowing down, granting the gift of time to my children has been huge!

2) Whisper. Strange I know. I have found that when I get aggravated and go to yell, if I drop my voice to a whisper it comes out somewhere around normal! ;)

3) Smile. It is REALLY challenging to yell while you are smiling. Really..try it!

4) Reality Discipline. I was forced to reassess my parenting and see where I had gotten lax and lazy...in order to keep from being frustrated and thus yelling, I had to remind myself of the natural consequences to offer in all situations...and then be consistent.

Small successes are awesome and I am happy to be celebrating this one! I know I am no where near overcoming this habit, but I am one week closer!


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