Homeschooling isn't Easy...

That sounds so discouraging. So defeating. We live in a society that wants the easiest...the simplest, the shortcut, and the pleasurable. If it's not's not happening.

All too often, this is how we homeschool.

Often when looking for curriculum we look for the easiest to use, that which takes the least amount of work on our part...

OK. Depressed yet? ;)

I'm not saying simple isn't good. I am not saying open and go is wrong. I am not even saying easy to use is wrong. What am I saying?

We are asking the wrong questions.

Maybe when it's all said and done, you will end up with an open and go easy to use curriculum because that is what is best for your family at that time. But maybe you won't. We shouldn't be asking what is the least we can do...but what can we do to fulfill God's purpose?

When moms considering homeschooling come to me asking for help, I am so torn. On one hand--I LOVE homeschooling. I am passionate about it and think it is an amazing journey.'s not always easy. I always hesitate sharing the tough parts-- people already think we are crazy for homeschooling as it is! But, in the end it's not my job to convince or not convince someone to homeschool-- it's my job to share truth, and point them to seek God's will for them. Because homeschooling is a calling...a wonderful, amazing, mostly joyous calling...that is hard. 

Choosing the best isn't easy. Getting up every day and dealing with complaints, tantrums, and whining--not easy. Begging kids to just finish the dang math problem they have been staring at for 30 minutes...not easy. What? This doesn't happen at your house?

Oh, there are wonderful days. Most days even have wonderful components to it. I love my kids. I love teaching them, investing in them, helping to shape who they are becoming, filling their hearts with God's Word-- all wonderful, yet, not easy.

But, I'm not in it for the easy, I'm in it for the investment. I want to pick resources that take us towards the goal we have for our kids-- Biblically sound, Gospel proclaiming, righteousness seeking servants and warriors for the Kingdom of God. That's a lofty goal. I think it's biblical...but I don't think it's easy. 

I am not saying we should over-complicate it. I am not saying we should fill our days with useless busy work. I am saying that we should be ready and willing to work at this. We should be intentional, and ready to recognize that teaching our children is a high calling. The public school system is NOT our standard. Excellence in heart, mind, and soul is our standard -- being made complete in Christ is our standard.

That is a seriously tall order-- a daunting task. But don't be discouraged. Take Heart! Aren't you glad we aren't alone? Without the help of the Holy Spirit-- this whole thing is futile, but with Him? We can't lose. When things get tough, and you can be found on the bathroom floor in tears (ok, maybe that's just me?), seek His help, His comfort, His power, and His Spirit to complete the task ...the calling, He has given. You have been called, and by His power, you will complete it!

It's not about the end result--it's about our journey for God's Glory.


  1. Thank you for reminding me that if God calls me, its foolish to try to do it in my own strength or cleverness. I have graduated 3 from homeschool and am finishing up my youngest 4. I have many weary days when I wonder 'why am I doing this? ' It IS hard. Sometimes heartbreaking. But this post reminded me that sucess is not in the results because our kids are sinners and make their own choices that we cant control. Sucess is not a feeling. Success is doing your best. Being faithful day in and day out while looking to Jesus to strenghten and guide me along the journey.

    1. Thank you for your comment! You are vey right...success is on the journey. It is about our obedience, and then God takes our obedience and uses it for His glory! Blessings on your journey!


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