Phonics Toss

Teaching a boy how to read has had me embracing my creative side! 

One fun activity we have found is what I call "phonics toss."

While others are buying pencils and paper for school supplies, I raided the Target dollar section for $1 beach balls. I stocked up! 

We started playing it last year with vowel sounds, new phonograms, words he was challenged by, and the few sight words we did. It was a huge hit! 



We just started our second phonics ball for new phonograms and he is no less enthrall we with the game. What a fun way to practice! 

You can use dry erase markers to reuse it but I found it can be a little messy. :) I just have been using sharpies and adding to the ball until its full and then starting over. As of yet I haven't carried over any sounds from the previous ball because after playing it a few times he has then down! 


My kids love games, and I love games that take little to no preparation and no mess! :)

This game can be varied for so many different things: Bible verse review, math facts, Foreign language vocabulary, alphabet for little ones, history or science review...the possibilities are endless.

Make it fun, make it stick!


  1. Excellent idea! Of course, I think those small inflatable beach balls that I thought I'd never use were finally thrown away. Go figure.

    1. Thank you :) And, doesn't that ALWAYS happen! It's why I save everything! ;)

  2. love it! Now I need some beach balls!

    1. Amazing what you can do with random items! :)


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