The Cure for the Common Whine: Smiling

If you have kids you are well familiar with the concept of whining.

And if you are like me it is like nails on a chalkboard. 

Unfortunately, this post will not cure all of your whining problems. I know <whine whine> sorry! If you have met my kids--particularly the 3 yr old-- you know we have not mastered "how not to whine" at our house. However, the more than usual whining lately around here has caused me to ponder about whining a lot. 

Why are they whining?

This is always the first question to ask and usually there is a glaringly obvious reason for SOW <sudden onset whining>.  Lately I have noticed an increase in the whine factor with my youngest, and I am forced to evaluate what is going on. The usual culprits are not enough sleep, hunger, or change in routine.

For us lately it seems like routine has been pushed aside and chaos has reigned in its place. No wonder the whining has reached epic proportions. 

What to do with whining?

While the first and most important thing to do with whining is seek to understand why, even with addressing root issues, we still need to deal with the here and now. If I had a penny for every time over the last eight and a half years that I have said, "I'll hear you when your voice sounds like mine" or "try again please," I would live on a cruise ship! Those sentences are staples in our house in combat.of whining voices . . .  and they work. 

Recently though I found a new way to deal with whining. "Say it with a smile." Yes, smile. Have you ever tried to whine while smiling? It is impossible. So every time my little one comes to me in all her whining glory, I simply stop, smile, and say, "say it with a smile please." 

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but it is amazing how it can not only curb the whining, but the simple act of smiling often changes the attitude behind the whine as well. 

It also helps my attitude. When I am approached with a whiny voice, smiling sweetly is not my gut reaction. But taking a second to recompose myself, and yes, smile, sets my attitude to deal with theirs.
It's not likely to cure all your whining problems, but smiling certainly helps! 

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  1. Say it with a smile sounds like a great slogan for an anti-whining campaign :)

    It's great to find your blog, I'm also a Christian Mummy and home schooler.



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