I am so excited to start history this year! We are doing the first part of U.S. history, and there is so much fun to be had! I can't wait to introduce my kids to Pocahontas, George Washington, and Lewis and Clark! So many adventures to share!

I shared my plans, including our 36 week schedule using The Complete Book of US History and corresponding literature, notebooking pages, coloring page links, and schedule here.

If you are anything like me, choosing curriculum, especially history curriculum is so hard! Mostly, because there is so much awesome stuff out there! Each year I tweak a little bit more and more, so this year, I decided to do it alone. It has been a crazy adventure, but I am very happy with the result.

One area I have struggled with is the content subjects and retention in the early years, especially history. I definitely adhere to the classical education idea of "pegs"-- using the grammar stage as a survey or introduction, giving them a taste of the many people and events of history. The main goal is exposure, so when they get to logic and rhetoric stages, they are familiar with the basic ideas and names affording them a foundation from which to build. Do you remember those people and events that kept coming up in history when you were in school? I know I always was drawn to the names and events I was familiar with--even if all I remembered was the name! Those pegs, then provide a foothold for further learning.

We have not been very diligent about making those pegs stick! We cover them, read about them, and have enjoyed the journey, (which is important) but I don't feel like many pegs actually exist in their little minds. I think our weakness has been memory work. We are a mile wide and not even a cm deep. Math and language arts are reviewed regularly, but I wasn't really doing any review for history. I am not looking for ridiculous amounts of lists or unrealistic amounts of memory work, but I have decided some simple history sentences in a Veritas Press style timeline card would be helpful...

I couldn't find anything like what I wanted so... yeah, I am crazy like that.... I made them. :) I think these are going to be a lot of fun, and I may even try to put it to music if I get really ambitious! :)

U.S. History timeline cards with sentence summaries. (The first part of U.S. history.)
Note: These cards are mostly black and white with a few colored images. It can easily be printed in B&W to save on color ink. 


Here are a few screenshots of the history cards:

We are officially NOT Back to school! Our first day of the 2013-2014 school year is over, and we made it! The kids might have even had some fun...shhhh! ;) We got a later start than I wanted, and didn't do nearly what was scheduled, but I think we only had tears once... all in all a success! ;)

                                     We started the day with First Day of School pictures!                                      

The Princess-- 3rd Grade
The Rock Star-- 1st Grade
The Diva-- Pre-K 3


Super awesome printable signs are from Teaching My 3.

And after looking forever for a free printable, I gave up and made my own. Here it is in case you were looking for something! :)

It was a super busy day, and I am exhausted...:) 


Our fourth official year of homeschooling is under way! 
We have had a crazy summer around here, and I cannot believe it is time to start school! I have missed all of you in blogland and am looking forward to getting back! I hope your summer was wonderful, and everything is getting ready for your new school year. I wanted to share this little poem, and hope it makes you smile! :) Happy Planning and Not Back to School time everyone!!

Summer is over...

Summer is over and all through the house 
Not a mama was sleeping not even an ounce.
Curriculum was organized in shelves with care,
In hopes that the bank account would soon be repaired.

The children were resting all sweet in their beds,
While visions of new read alouds danced in their heads.
And mama at the laptop, the printer going strong,
Had her coffee and planner working all the night long.

When all of a sudden, she jumped with a start,
Surely something is missing, I have forgotten some part!
Away to her lists and her charts she flew,
Reviewing the details and checklists to do.

But alas all was right in her crazy little world,
Ideas and excitement around her now swirled.
Curriculum ordered, all printed and bound,
She was ready, the children she would soon astound.

All the hard work and planning of the months past,
Would too soon be changed and she'd have to think fast.
For no matter how hard you plan and prepare,
The children never fit your plan, so not fair. 

So weeks and months down the road, don't despair.
Your children won't remember your plans, but your care.
So sleep homeschool mommy, rest indeed.
For free you shall be to enjoy them, take heed.

Love those little faces and smile at things gone awry.
Read stories, and cuddle, build tents and lie.
For the memories made and the love shared,
Will last forever, but precious time is rare.

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