Failing Summer?

I had serious lofty expectations of summer. You know-- keep up on reading and math. OK. Maybe my expectations were not very high at all. But you know the old saying reach for the moon and land in the clouds? Well, we aimed a little too low and got the ground...

I remember back to the days when I was a kid...summer break did not involve Summer Bridge books. You didn't have to work all summer to not be "behind" in the new school year. And yet, things have changed. Usually we look at summer as a time to tread water-- not necessarily tackle anything new, but just not lose ground. It's a solid goal for us. One I still maintain. I just didn't hit it this summer. The best laid plans and all that...

I feel like I failed summer. I was going to have the kids do a Bravewriter project about our trip in May...and take numerous trips to the library, and read all those great read alouds we didn't get to last year. Nope. Didn't happen. In fact I only know my 7 yo hasn't forgotten how to read because he regularly reads Wii instructions. Go ahead and laugh. Pathetic. I know. Hey, we went to the library once.

Truth is ... I needed the break. Summer got crazy and got away from us. Hubby and I kicked off the summer with a cruise...just adults. Lovely. Needed that. Got back and he left for a work/mission trip. He got back, I left with my oldest for kids camp. We got back and I left for a weekend with some friends. Got back, hubby left on another mission trip. He got back and sheesh. It was almost July. Two weeks of tennis camp for the older two and -- summer is almost gone. I blinked and just about missed it. 

We didn't get done all that I had planned, (or any of it) and perhaps there was more chaos than I prefer, but I am very grateful for the break. I needed it. Every bit of it. 

We are headed into the homestretch-- 2 weeks until our start date.  A new school year. I have begun the grind of planning and printing and printing some more...organizing and vision casting for the new year. It's overwhelming at times, but I love the planning process. I love looking ahead and prayerfully considering our goals and focus for the upcoming school year. 

I am excited about things to come. I can't say I was excited in May. Perhaps the summer wasn't a complete failure after all...


  1. Great post, Nicole! It's great to read your posts again! Are you planning your curricula for this new year? What will you all end up using? I'm looking forward to hearing what you all have going on. We are working towards planning as well. ;-)

    1. Thank you Jackie! It's planning/organizing/printing week at my house! I am working on posts for the next few weeks on what we will be using. :) Everything is purchased and either here or on the way. Much of what we are doing is simply continuing the next thing of what we did last year, but a few new things! Now the immense job of organizing everything is underway! Printer is on overdrive! Happy Planning!

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