Curriculum and School Room 2017-2018

Well, we are one week into the 2017-2018 school year! It seems like you just get your stride with homeschooling, and they get another year older and you start all over! ugh. Why can't they just stay little??? I feel like I can totally teach pre-k at this point. I can rock it even.

I am homeschooling 3-- 2nd grade, 5th grade, and 7th grade. We are mostly classical homeschoolers with a secret desire to be delight directed...but I am a bit too much type A to take that too far. . .

Some of our choices this year are continuations of what has worked, some are new, and some are returning back to old favorites. I have also started a new co-op this year, our very first co-op ever! I am equal parts excited and nervous.

The students!

J- 2nd grade:

Language Arts--
All About Reading 4
All About Spelling 2
New American Cursive 1
First Language Lessons 2

Math Mammoth 2/3

The Fun Spanish

Competitive gymnastics, soccer (fall), piano, church choir

C- 5th Grade:

Language Arts--
MegaWords 3-4
New American Cursive 3
IEW Fix It Grammar Robin Hood

Math Mammoth 5

The Fun Spanish

Tennis, Flag Football (fall), piano, church choir

E- 7th Grade: 

Language Arts--
The Lively Art of Writing
Analytical Grammar (season 2)
MegaWords 6-7

TabletClass Prealgebra

The Art of Argument

Middlebury Interactive

Competitive swimming, horseback riding, piano

Everyone Together:

Morning Basket: MegaVerses, We Choose Virtues, Bible Study Guide for All Ages Bible Summary cards, Bible drills, poetry memorization, hymn study
Bible: Mom made plan through the Gospels and The Case for Kids
History/Literature: Biblioplan Early Modern
Science: God's Design for Heaven and Earth

Our School Room!

And where we do it . . . We redid our school room last year, and we love it! I mostly sit at the kitchen table and whoever I am working with rotates through...but the school room acts as great storage, independent work is often done there, and some lessons if we need the white board or some other resource we need in there.

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