Who am I . . . and what is Telos Living???

Who Am I?

Hi! I am Nicole, wife to one amazing man, mom to three beautiful, inside and out, kiddos, and most importantly, a sold out passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Once upon a time I had this blog...and then life, kids, homeschooling, self doubt, and everything else crept in and I stepped away. But God has been so faithful! He continues to faithfully and painstakingly mold me into His image every day. As the days, months, and yes, years have passed, I have often missed sharing what is happening in my heart, family, and homeschool . . . so I am back and we have a new look . . .

What is Telos Living?

The name of our homeschool is Telos Christian Academy. Telos is the greek word for end, goal, or purpose. Basically it sums up in one word what I and my family are about. We believe in living life-- all of it-- family relationships, friendships, church, activities, sports, homeschooling...all of it, to the Glory of God. Like most families, we are busy, I spend half my day in the car chauffeuring children to one sport or the other, but it is my heart's desire that whether my kids are practicing gymnastics or memorizing Scripture, that they know that every breathe we take should have a purpose in advancing the Kingdom of God. This idea is the foundation of everything we do-- every parenting decision, every homeschool lesson, every field trip...every step we take should take us one step closer to Jesus. We live our lives everyday with the Telos at the forefront of our minds. Living to the glory of God is Telos Living!

Thank you for joining our family as we walk the bumpy road of life and I share our journey of homeschooling, parenting, and Telos Living. Some days are amazing, and others we seem to get stuck in a ginormous pothole...but our goal is that all of them are lived to the Glory of God!


  1. Love it! Glad you're getting back at it. Looking forward to following along!


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