Language Arts through Narnia

A few years ago, my children were 5th, 3rd, and K, we took a year to journey through the world of Narnia. It was in one word-- enchanting. We had the best homeschooling year we have ever had. I designed a plan that worked for us, reading through the 7 Narnia books, and having all of our literature, writing, grammar, and handwriting tie in to Narnia. We had amazing discussions, fun and challenging writing projects. My children are still, 2 years later, in love with all things Narnia, and still talking about experiences from that year.

I wanted to share what we used to help other families have an enchanted Journey through Narnia!

Required Resources

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

A Christian Teacher's Guide to the Chronicle's of Narnia -- We LOVED this. The Story within a Story outlining the Biblical allegory was amazing! The Biblical parallels were fantastic. We used many of the writing assignments and worksheets, and often just used them as guides and for discussion. An invaluable addition to our study!

Note to Parents

Narnia Reading and Discussion Schedule

Language Arts Through Narnia: Weekly copywork, dictation (french and reverse dictation passages), vocabulary, and grammar lessons. The grammar is similar to the idea of Fix It Grammar, and the writing is Brave Writer inspired, having an Arrow like feel to them.

Language Arts Through Narnia Student Pages

Samples of the Student Pages:

Writing through Narnia (Essays, paragraphs, and creative writing assignments). My older daughter did these in 5th grade, but they are flexible to go up or down as desired.

Movie Critic Printable (We used for each of the Narnia movies we watched)

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